Week 1- Art Experience- Plaster Casting

img_0909This is the first art assignment I have done since sophomore year in high school.  Even then I was only taking pictures in photography so it has been a while since I have been ~artsy~.  But it was surprisingly fun. I went to a beach in El Segundo to do this project.  In case anyone is unaware of where that is, it is close to Manhattan Beach and LAX.  I went with my friend Rico who was bribed with food to help me.

To start the project, I had Rico rinse out the home depot bucket in the ocean so I could mix the plaster in a clean bucket. (I had him do it because I knew the water would be freezing even though he claims it was warm) After that, everything went smoothly.  I made my mold in the sand of my hand and then mixed the plaster.  Measuring the two parts plaster and one part water was probably my biggest struggle but I guess I did fine since my final product came out fine.  So I poured the plaster into the hole and realized that the plaster was digging the hole a little deeper which is why my shape looks a little strange.  And then I realized I had extra  plaster so Rico decided to make one too.  He made a mold of his foot, but it looks more like a large rock to me.


But I won’t criticize his work because my shaka hand looks more like Yoda.  Or, according to Rico, a dancing ghost emoji.  Either way it turned out decent.  Brushing the sand off took forever though.  I didn’t even get all of it off but I got the thick parts off.

Overall the project was cool.  We had a fun time at the beach, collecting shells and rocks, making a mess with plaster, and enjoying the warm sun.  It was a unique weekend activity that had us laughing and enjoying the day.  Now, these molds will remind us of a fun day and bring a smile to our faces because of how ridiculous his curled-toe mold and my Yoda mold look.  I will definitely be doing this again with some friends but maybe next time we can do it when its warm enough to go for a quick swim while the molds dry.





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