Week 1-Classmate Conversation-Mark De Artoia

Mark was the first person I talked to in Art 110.  Coincidentally he is also in the same major as I am with the same goals.  He is a kinesiology major with a focus in exercise science and he is trying to be a physical therapist.  We talked a little about classes and how much we hate chemistry because it takes over our lives.  Mark is a second year so he has gone through the classes I am taking now.  He assured me that I will do fine as long as I study hard and go to office hours.

Honestly, I couldn’t say where exactly he is from because I have never heard of it, but I do know he is from somewhere close to Pasadena and it takes him about 35 minutes to get to school.  We ended up talking about our family and where they are from.  He told me that his mom is from Colombia and he has gone to visit before and he would love to go to Europe one day.  He seems like a dedicated student and an adventurer.  Based on what he has told me about school I believe he works hard for what he wants and tackles every obstacle with everything he has.  I enjoyed talking with Mark for a few minutes and I am excited to see what else I can learn about him for the rest of the semester.



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