Week 2- Art Experience- Landscape with a Corpse

This activity was very unique.  I had the task of imagining my death and creating a scene in which my death was portrayed. Because I have been swimming competitively since I was 7, and lifeguarding/teaching swim lessons since I was 16, I decided to die in the pool.  I created a scene, with the help of two close friends, where I am trying to rescue someone who was drowning and in the process I drowned too.  I recreated the scene with both friends.  This first picture is a picture of my friend Rico, who helped me with the molding activity.  His drowning was caused by the lack of ability to swim.  I went in to help him when he got tired swimming half way across the deep end but he was resisting my help and elbowed me in the head.  This caused me to knock out and we both drowned.


The next image is of my friend Jackie.  Jackie is a good swimmer and was having fun in the pool when she dove in the shallow side and hit her head.  She went unconscious and I jumped in to save her.  While swimming to her help I got a nasty leg cramp and couldn’t keep going.  So we both drowned in the shallow side.


I made this twice because we were having fun and we wanted to make sure we had some decent pictures.  When we were taking these it was raining pretty hard so we were trying to stay low in the water to keep warm. The hardest part about this was remaining serious.  I kept laughing underwater and then bubbles would be in the picture.  My friends also had a hard time holding their breaths.  So we had to readjust constantly.  We spent maybe thirty minutes doing this because we kept messing around and splashing each other.  But I think they came out pretty well.  I like the colors in the picture, and no, I did not use a go pro.  I used a Nikon Coolpix.  Ive had this camera for years and it still took some nice pictures today.  I’m really glad we did this project because it allowed me to try something I never would have thought of and now I have some cool photos.

These last two pictures will just be a bonus because I liked them.  We were obviously having too much fun doing homework.img_0956






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