Week 2-Classmate Conversation- Garrett Ramirez

This week I met Garrett Ramirez.  The most interesting thing I found out about him was that he used to go to the skate park by my house in Hawthorne.  I  thought that was cool because he said he lives in Wilmington and most people have no idea where Hawthorne is and they have never heard of it.  I learned that he is majoring in communications.  He told me it is pretty easy and that he is going to graduate after this semester.  Although he does have one more class to take after this semester is over.  He also said that he is not completely sure of what he wants to do with his degree when he is done.  I suggested that he could take a year to celebrate graduation and he can travel.  He said he has been thinking about it because then he has more time to figure out what to do.

We didn’t talk about much else about him.  We talked about my major and he was asking me questions about the exercise course I am in.  And that is about it.  I got too caught up in the fact that he used to skate close to my house.  Well here is our picture. Also I really like his hair color!





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