Week 3-Artist Conversation-Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kelvin Lopez
Exhibition: Scry Baby
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

About the Artist

Kelvin Lopez is an undergraduate studying printmaking at California State University, Long Beach. Mr. Lopez did not start in printmaking, he came to Long Beach as a painter but an experience with oil paint caused him to change his mind.  He was using oil paints in a poorly ventilated room which caused him to get a headache and he decided he did not was to do that for the rest of his career considering he is not a fan of chemicals.  Mr. Lopez is currently fascinated with crystals and the holistic nature.  This began when his girlfriend introduced him to them and the idea that crystals can be used to forsee an image. That is the idea his work explores.  It looks at youth scrying the past and discovering knowledge.

Formal Analysis

Mr. Lopez uses typography to create these images.  He uses layers in order to create the appearance of a crystal being looked into to see an image.  This can take many layers if he wants to use colors as well.  Some of his work does not have color and he said that takes less layers. The detail used for the crystals make it look very realistic.  They are a gray color and are a little difficult to see through but it allows the bottom image to be a little hidden.  Those images are mainly images of his nephews or his dogs. The backgrounds that the crystals are seen on have watercolor appearances.

Content Analysis

The nephews that appear in the crystals might represent a younger Mr. Lopez. He uses the crystals to look into them and find an image, a knowledge that is unknown.  The images in the crystals that he has shown are of loved ones. Maybe to him, he is viewing the happiness in his life, the things that bring him joy.  In one piece, a boy and a dog are one maybe that represents his holistic views. He said his personal life is what motivates his work so that is how I came to that conclusion.

Synthesis / My Experience

His art showed me that I don’t need to look into a crystal to see an image.  The only things that I need to know are the people that I love the most will always be there for me.  Nothing else matters in the end because I will always have my family.  It seems cliché but as long as they are with me and I am loved, I do not need any other information about what will come next.





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