Week 3-Classmate Conversation-Trevor Yarger

Trevor Yarger is a senior at California State University, Long Beach.  He is double majoring in finance and supply chain management.  He would have graduated this year but because he double majored, he has a few more classes to complete.  Also, he did not start in those majors so he started a little late on getting all the necessary classes. He is originally from Los Alamitos where he went to school and played baseball and was part of the wrestling team.

Right now, he is working at a restaurant on 2nd street, but he is starting a Boeing internship in May.  He hopes to get his masters degree either at USC or UCLA.  For fun he enjoys going to Lake Havasu with friends on the weekend and staying in a house his parents own.  From what I learned about him, he is incredibly hard working and puts a lot of effort into school.  He is highly motivated and gets his work done quickly instead of procrastinating.  He would rather get it all done because he knows with the classes he is taking there is a large workload but he also wants to have time to have some fun.  I applaud him for that because I tend to be someone that procrastinates.

Overall, I had a pleasant conversation with him and I am wishing him luck his future endeavors.






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