Week 4- Artist Conversation-Robert Nehemiah


Exhibition Information

Artist: Robert Nehemiah
Exhibition: Immaterial
Media: Painting and Drawing
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Instagram: @wookiewarrior

About the Artist

Robert Nehemiah is an undergraduate studying painting and drawing at California State University, Long Beach.  He is in his last semester at Long Beach at excited to get his degree. Mr. Nehemiah has been doing drawings and doodles since he was very young however, he first wanted to be a fire fighter.  He comes from the Pico Rivera area and is very fond of music.  This was his first exhibition where he curated the whole thing.  He is very interested in people and their stories and how they live their lives and their experiences.

Formal Analysis

Mr. Nehemiah uses different materials for the canvases. He uses materials that deteriorate over time such as cardboard and wood.  And all his materials are unprimed so the paintings do not last as long.  As well as some of the canvases have been tampered with in order to make them deteriorate quicker, for instance, bleach was put on the metal canvas.  In addition, the oil colors eat away at the cardboard canvas. The whole art gallery took about eight months to complete and they were still painting one day before the exhibit.

Content Analysis

Mr. Nehemiah and his partner explored their own philosophies which was materialism or detachment from materialism.  The art as well as the canvas will deteriorate over time which represents not everything will last forever.  He made a connection to his grandma who he says inspired onw of his works.  For example, the cardboard reminds him of his grandma because they are both fragile and could die.  He said he did not make the correlation between the materials and the art until after he completed the paintings. The overall theme is things or people who are overseen.

Synthesis / My Experience

I really agreed with him when he said it represents not everything is meant to last.  I think that resonated with me and made me realize that we will not be here forever. And wasting our time with material things is useless because they will not be here forever either.  Making connections with people is more important than material items and listening to what other people have to say is just as important.





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