Week 5-Artist Conversation-Emily Anne Barnet

Exhibition Information

Artist: Emily Anne Barnet
Exhibition: Recent Works on Paper
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Instagram: @Emily_b_anne

About the Artist

Emily Anne Barnet is a graduate student at California State University, Long Beach in the printmaking program.  She went to Humboldt State University for her undergraduate degree. She has been a serious drawer for about nine years now.  She uses art as a tool to cope with mental illness but also to be able to share it with people.  She also gives advice and urges students to use their resources and go to counseling on campus because nobody can handle this on their own.  One item that is in some of her art is Pooh Bear.  She said Pooh Bear was a comfort item for her when she was younger which is why he is in some of her work now.

Formal Analysis

Emily Anne Barnet uses bright colors in many of her prints. She uses canvases and lithographs.  The lithographs are done by drawing into a piece of limestone.  Then it is transferred and used for her art. Some of her pieces also has some watercolor in it and another has water-soluble crayons.  Some of her work takes four days and some of them can take up to three weeks, it just depends on what she is working on.

Content Analysis

Ms. Barnet based a lot of work off her own experience or past/current emotions.  The girl in a lot of her work was meant to be her.  It is the same picture of her just with different layers, backgrounds and patterns.  The paintings to her represent her mental illness and what she struggles with. She specifically deals with anxiety which she tries to portray in her work with the bright colors and lots of background art.

Synthesis / My Experience

I could tell as soon as I looked at the work that it had something to do with anxiety or depression.  There was a lot going on in the pictures with the girl which made me think that was supposed to be what her brain looked like.  What her thoughts looked like or how she felt at certain times.  I think she did an amazing job of portraying those feelings and I found her work very interesting.  It opened my eyes to see the way she does and I could almost feel what I imagine she feels.





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