Week 5-Automatic Drawing

I did this project with my little sister.  Her and I are very close but we are very different.  It was weird to hold hands and just sit there.  We did not do it on the floor or in the dark though because none of the rooms in our house get too dark unless its at night.  So we did in on the island in my kitchen.  We were laughing in the beginning because it was so weird but then we started moving.  I think the crayon moved more with our laughs which made it seem kind of all over the place.  To me it just looks like chaos which is kind of what our lives are like.  We are both always doing something, school, a sport, church, going out with friends, or work.  We rarely have down time and I think this project represents that.  But also to me it looks a little plain.  I’m not sure that I will do anything with it now that I did the actual assignment but I would like to figure out some way to make it more interesting.  I had fun though.  My sister and I got to laugh together and we got to see what we could make together in a new way.


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