Week 6-Zines

Creating a Zine seemed like a fun idea until I actually tried to start it.  That is where I got stuck. I was not sure what I wanted it to be about.  But then I thought about how everyone describes their college experience differently.  Some people love it and love their school, while some of my friends are homesick and cant wait to transfer closer.  Some people say they are overwhelmed and want to drop out and some people say they really just don’t care, they just always feel sleepy.  I wanted to capture that in a zine so people knew that their experience is not an isolated feeling about college.  Not everyone loves college and not everyone is having the time of their life but it is still an experience nonetheless and it should be appreciated and valued for what it is.  So to do this project I asked a few of my friends to describe how college makes them feel.  I told them to focus on their mental and emotional state.  Not whether they like their professor or if they hate math.  I wanted to know what college was doing to them personally, and I made sure to let them know it would remain anonymous so they felt comfortable with sharing.  I asked guys and girls but only placed pictures of girls in the zine because my moms cooking magazines did not have any pictures of young guys. Also they are all smiling or look happy because most people put on a mask and don’t let other people know when they are hurting or having a hard time.  I really enjoyed putting this together because I relate to it in many ways and I even put a page that would represent me.  So here are a few pages that I did.











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