Week 7-Classmate Conversation- Elise Vega

This week I talked to Elise Vega who is a second year at CSULB.  She is 19 years old and from San Diego, California.  She attended West Valley High School where she played volleyball, basketball, and track. Vega is in the ZTA sorority which is how she spends most of her time.  She also spends a lot of time working at Pieology.  I think one of the craziest things she told me is she has three brothers and three sisters and she is the youngest of them.  The oldest sibling is 39 years old and she has one dog.

Another interesting thing she I found out is she is also a kinesiology major. And she also wants to be a physical therapist just like I do.  She started off as a biology major and then switched to psychology because bio scared her.  Then she switched to business but realized she did not like the math.  So she finally switched to kinesiology.

We both think Mexican food is the best type of food.  She said she does not watch sports too much but when she does it is because her family is watching it already and that is what is on tv.  And she travels every summer with her mom which she loves to do. But she likes San Diego more than Los Angeles and she can not wait to go back home.






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