Week 8- Finger painting

This week I did finger painting.  I did not know what to paint because the term is so broad and I haven’t done this since I was a kid.  That’s when I thought I will paint something like I would have when I was younger.  I decided to paint a house in the same way I would have a long time ago.  I considered it to be my dream house and I added swirls and lines on the side because it made it seem more like a fantasy to me and I was really enjoying painting with my fingers.  It was fun and messy and reminded me of just being a kid again.  It was very relaxing which is what I needed this weekend with my chemistry midterm coming up. I only used three colors and I had to mix them to get a colors that were a little less plain.  Overall I really enjoyed this project because it allowed me to be as creative (or uncreative) as I want and just have fun with my assignment. I know this is really plain and looks boring but it was pretty fun to make just because I used my fingers instead of a brush.




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