Week 9-Graffiti

*Disclosure: Bubble writing is a lot harder than I thought and using a spray paint bottle is a lot harder than I thought so I am aware that my artwork is not that great.

I think this project was my favorite so far.  It was just so much fun and my friend Jansyn and I were laughing the entire time.  My last name is Tecun (with an accent over the u but I’m usually too lazy to write it) and since I was doing this in my backyard I wrote my last name for my family.  Although I am not sure they like my artwork at all.  The letters at the top are for me and my best friend.  We have been best friends since sixth grade and she is like my sister so she is an honorary Tecun.  We both contributed to this wall and I think it turned out pretty decent.  It was a little difficult to do because it was very windy outside and the paint kept blowing to the right and making the lines look blurry. And then my dog kept trying to get close to us and I was afraid she would end up turning blue.

We wrote my little sister’s name in our sunset drawing too because she saw what we were doing from the living room and said she wanted her name there. Overall it was a really fun project and I want to do it again but maybe next time at Venice.  I originally was going to go there but I didn’t because I waited to late and my weekend got very busy.  But I have some paint left over so maybe I will go over spring break or summer break.

Hope you enjoy my attempt at art.








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