Week 10- Architecture

I want to change the wedge where the USU meets the road.  I chose this one because I am most affected by this spot because I pass it everyday.  The thing I do not like about it is there is always a traffic jam there and there are no rules as to who goes when and how to figure out who should go first.  If I want to avoid that, I would have to walk all the way around and I am too lazy to do that.

I would like to keep that archway but make more along the whole wall there.  That way it looks like multiple entry ways and people can pick which one to go through while avoiding total destruction of the wall.  I like the way it creates shade and the look it gives to the school.  So I would like to keep it but put more walk ways into the wall.  Hopefully this would make traffic move a little quicker and cause less awkward bump ins with strangers. I think the only downside of this would be it would look different and the way it is designed right now with the cut outs is appealing to the eye.  But this would be more practical. I think a year from now students would be happy to have less awkward contact and they would be happy to have a way to get around campus easier.

I know my picture is not good at all.  I’m not sure how else to draw it.  Maybe I could have added the trees.



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