Week 11- Artist Conversation-Soroush T Moghim

Exhibition Information

Artist: Soroush T Moghim
Exhibition: Geometry of Grief
Media: ?
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov

About the Artist

Soroush T Moghim was not present during the interview but there was plenty of information posted in the gallery.  Moghim came to the United States from Iran.  Moghim enjoys sci-fi and intricate art. He is very interested in patterns and the intricate nature they present.  He is surrounded by patterns and designs because Moghim works at a rug store.

Formal Analysis

A lot of the content have very detailed patterns.  There are different types of media in this gallery.  There are some projections with things hanging in front of them and there was a sculpture.  There were many colors and details in all of the art.

Content Analysis

A lot of Moghim’s art incorporates the sublime. The illusions allow for excellence to be perceived. The patterns are suppose to evoke an emotion and there are imperfections but that represents the real life and makes the art more relatable.

Synthesis / My Experience

I did not initially think about an emotional experience when I looked at the art.  I just saw abstract pieces that made me think about what the possible meanings could be.  For example, the statue with the bust and the brain or orb floating above it, looked like a human but also a robot.  And I took it as the brain needs to be more creative and less trapped inside the human skull and standards.  Like a new way to say think outside the box.






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