Week 11- Classmate Conversation

This week I talked to two classmates during the index card drawings.  We drew a gun based off of the gun exhibit because that exhibit intrigued us.  The exhibit seems very relatable in this time and we discussed how the pictures brought the numbers to real life.

I met Marissa who is a third year exercise science major.  Her goal is to be a physical therapist just like me.  She is in her third year and she is from Catalina Island.  She came to Cal State Long Beach because the campus is so large and she wanted to live in a bigger city than the island.

I also talked to Sohee who is an exchange student from South Korea.  She is also in her third year and she came for her graphic design major.  She said there were not that many places to do that in South Korea while Cal State Long Beach had a great program for that.




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