Week 12- Ethnography

When I first read the instructions for this project I thought I was going to hate it and it was going to be hard because I like watching Netflix before bed and I like being on my phone and using it as an alarm.  When I actually did it, it was not that bad.  I hung out with my friends in my room but made sure everything was turned off and we lit candles.  We got to bond together without the distractions of a phone or laptop with us. At first it was a little annoying but I think it got fun when we were all able to share and laugh together. I think I slept about the same.  Maybe a little longer than usual because I did not have anything to keep me up and we just went to bed when we were really tired.

Even though we didn’t stay outside for this, I think it made us feel more one with nature because you cant just plug in your phone into a tree.  We had to understand what the world really is like without electricity.  It does make you more limited because then you can’t have lights or the fan on.  So on that hot night, we had to leave all the windows open and hope there would be a breeze.  And I think after a while I would get really bored.  I think people were able to survive before because they had never experienced that constant stimulation so they were not addicted.  And they had ways of entertaining themselves where as now, people do not know what to do with themselves. I think my ideal level would be somewhere in the middle where there isn’t too much technology and electricity that it takes over our life because I hate when my friends are glued to their phones when I am out having a goof time and trying to enjoy my time with them. I think there needs to be a middle so people are able to stop when they are out having fun.


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