Week 13- Snowflake

This blog won’t be liked my normal ones.  I was not in class on Wednesday 4/25 because I was at the emergency room with my dog. She wasn’t eating or drinking for a week and the vet said she was constipated.  She didn’t respond to the meds so we took her to the emergency room.  There, they did bloodwork and found out she had a low white blood cell count and a high red blood cell count.  So she had cancer.  I didn’t even know until they told me.  They said there was not much we could have done because it was so late in the stage.  So we had to put her down.  It was the hardest thing I had to do and part of me wanted to be selfish and try treatments and take her back home.  But I know she was in pain and suffering so putting her down was my best option.  I am still having a hard time with it but I am doing a little better.  I miss her so much and I’ve had her since I was in fifth grade so I don’t even know what to do without her.  I still have another dog and she is so lonely and sad now.  Every time I come home she is laying in her bed and I can here her crying.  She doesn’t even come greet me.  But I understand why she is sad. So I am trying to comfort her too and cuddle with her more so she isn’t alone.  My whole family is sad and having a hard time with this loss but we are getting through it.  I wish she didn’t have to go so soon especially since my birthday is in less than two weeks.  And I wish someone would have noticed sooner that she had cancer when we took her to her annual check-ups, but I don’t blame anyone other than myself.  I’ll always miss her and I will never forget my best friend.



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