Week 14-Classmate Conversation

This week I went to the earlier class time and I met Lisa.  Lisa is a second year and she is majoring in molecular biology.  She said it is very hard but she wants to be a plastic surgeon so she is working very hard in that class.  She is from the Whittier area and commutes for 25 minutes one way. She was dorming for a little while but she didn’t like it and stopped.  She says on her free time she likes to watch 13 Reasons Why. She also likes going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and skateboarding.  She has a cat named Bella, 2 brothers, and 1 sister who lives in New York.  Lisa is the youngest of the family.

She played volleyball for 7 years before college.  She was also part of the high school wrestling team and she was the first girl wrestler.  Her school was very small with only 500 people.  She thought about joining a sorority but it was too expensive for her.  Her favorite food is sushi and anything seafood.



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