Week 15- Design the Life You Really want

  1. My first life is the life I think I will be living in the future. I think I will finish school at California State University Long Beach and get a degree in Kinesiology and use that to apply to occupational therapy schools and get a doctorate degree there.  So for the next six-ish years I will be studying and going to school.  After that I will be an occupational therapist and help people that can not do daily tasks.  I will live wherever I can get that job or if I have to go out of state for school and I end up loving the place I go to, I will stay there.
  2. My second life will be what I do if this career disappears.  That one was a hard thing to decide.  But if my top plan disappears I will try to become a pediatrician.   I will have to go to school more and study just as much.  This will be difficult as well but I think that career is very rewarding too because I would get to work with kids and help them to stay healthy.
  3. If I was financially stable and nobody would laugh at me, I think I would be in charge of horse stables.  I would own my own property with stables and a few of my own horses and I would rent out the other stalls to owners that need a place to board their horse.  I just really love horses and I would love to be surrounded by them all the time.




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